Monday, June 7, 2010


Note from Mom:

First of all, it has come to my attention that there needs to be some educating about this blog. It is NOT done by Elder Hales. This blog belongs to me and I am the "editor." I edit Adam's letters and post them for the benefit of our family and a few friends. Adam is a very obedient missionary and would NEVER go online or get on the Internet in any capacity other than to email me. In fact, he is only allowed to email his parents. Not even his brother or sisters. When they want to email him, they have to send it to me first and then I can forward it from my account.
And now this week's letter:

Dear Mom and Dad

TRANSFERS!!!! Tweed Heads will be my first 6 month area outside of the office. Elder Tauiliili was transferred into the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane). He probably won't go back into the Chinese program. My new companion is Elder Willie. He is a champion. He is from Kiribati and is short and dark like Elder Tauiliili. :). I have heard nothing but the best about him so I am so excited. I was told I was training, but heaps of missionaries coming in got their visa's delayed. They said about half.

My trainer, Elder Nielsen, goes home tomorrow which is pretty weird. I'm going to miss having him here.

President Richards keeps talking about how when a Prophet dies, commandments don't change and how that applies to us and our new mission president. I am excited to meet him and I know he is the new Prophet of this mission but I sure will miss President Richards.

Things in the area are going so awesome! I really do love this area heaps. Looks like I will be here for Shanti and Cody's baptism!! I am so excited.
Things are going great on my end. There is nothing better than serving the Lord.
I love you mom and dad.
Thanks for being such good parents.
-Elder Hales

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