Sunday, June 20, 2010

It was "one of those weeks"

G'Day Mom and Dad,

This week was such a hard week. Its been tough and I have felt down at times but then I can't feel down for 5 minutes because I remember the Lord and how much closer I am getting to him through the Atonement. President Richards told us that when people say if we sin, we hurt Jesus Christ just that much more- it is false doctrine!! I loved when President said, "People who say that don't understand the meaning of INFINITE".

It was sad this week because we lost another baptism date. That is 4 now that I have lost in the Tweed Heads area. I have been praying for humbling experiences. Just didn't think they would come this way. :) Shanti is still doing GREAT!! But ____ is not keeping commitments and even drank some coffee... he's 14!!! We have not chopped him yet. We're hoping we won't have to. Faith preceeds the miracle. Faith is action so keep him in your prayers. Action is obedience, so we are doing our best.

Elder Willie is such a good companion. We have had 2 trade-offs this week and Zone Conference so sometimes I feel the work goes over a speed bump with trade-offs but they are excellent learning opportunities. One of our zone leaders was trained in this area so he came here on one of those trade-offs with me. One of the members he used to teach with is less active now. That was one of those "the higher you are, the farther you fall" cases. But the member was so excited to see him and came to church yesterday.

One of the reasons I was transferred into Tweed Heads , (besides me picking it), was because of Alan King. He has been less active for 5 years and with our visits and the spirit touching him he has been coming back to church. Two Sundays ago he bore his testimony. It was awesome!!! This week in two lessons we had with him- the Spirit whipped him into shape. I have grown to be really good friends with Alan and during one of the lessons he told me that I am his mate. In American that means " you're like a brother to me." There are so many blessings that come from bringing people to Christ.

I have noticed that my mission has been preparing me to make it to the Celestial Kingdom more than anything. I become converted. I had a testimony before my mission but I wasn't converted. The worst was that I thought I didn't have a testimony because I never had a "one big moment" that converts usually have. My testimony came little by little my whole life and I was too focused on getting a testimony when I already had one. During that time, the adversary would tell lies like: "you don't have a testimony.. you can do this... " One memory I have was when I was 14 or 15 during high school. I wasn't going through good times and I remember kneeling down in Carly's room and praying that Heavenly Father would let me feel his love for me. And I did. I felt such comfort. Does God answer every child's prayer? Yes. Does he answer EVERYONE'S prayer? I know he does.

Dad, have the missionaries take you teaching. I would die to have a stake president in my ward!

Love you Mom and Dad


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