Monday, June 14, 2010

The Spirit of Ammon

Dear Mom and Dad,

If Pete Giles is in the Bishopric, who will be the new Ward Mission Leader??? This is important!

Michael - -I'm not coming home. I could stay in Tweed Heads forever.
Well, this week has been awesome. Monday was a holiday so we had a ward activity and worked. It was a good day. Last night we had a lesson with a man named Alan King who has been reactivated. We have really grown to be good friends. We taught him the Law of Chastity and taught him the difference between Love and Lust. It finally clicked and I knew he was feeling the spirit so I pounced on it.

Then we had a Missionary Activity by our Ward Mission Leader. He is a big Tongan from Hawaii and he put a pig on a spit yesterday. It was way good and we had some non-members come. Shanti was there with Josh. Josh is almost a pro surfer so he brought some pictures of his surf trip to Bali and told me that when I come back he is going to take me surfing to all the best spots. :) I just told him I'm never leaving and want to be like Ammon and dwell among the people all my days to declare repentance :)

We taught a man named Peter yesterday. He is such a smart and good guy! In the lesson we read from 3 Nephi 11. As we were reading I knew he felt the spirit so I asked him and he said he did. He proceeded to say that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and described it as "when all your hairs stand up." He is excited to come to church on Sunday and is glad that " the communion cups are separate for everyone" so he doesn't get sick. :) He is in his 60's or 70's and an Australian. There are people prepared for the gospel!

Every Sunday I ask one of the YSA guys why he isn't on a mission yet. Every time he thinks of another excuse and I shoot it down. The church really is true! There is no proof against the church as Elder Holland said: "false theories have been born, parroted and died" and they are pathetic. The only concern with less actives is they don't read the Book of Mormon.

Sunday morning I was called and asked to teach Gospel Principles so I waited until Sacrament meeting to figure out what to teach. :) (Mom- because I felt I needed to). (Note to everyone: do as I say-not as I do). As soon as one of the High Council speakers asked: "are we doers of the word, or hearers only" I knew that was my topic.

Elder Willie is a champion beyond champs. It is so fun with him.

Well- I love you all, hope all is well and don't worry or think about me- I'm about my Father's work. :-)

-Elder Hales

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Gary and Michelle said...

If he doesn't come home does that mean we all have to go to Australia to hear his homecoming talk?