Sunday, October 24, 2010

Enjoy to the end

This is on a trade-off day with Elder Vigmugna. He plays pro rugby for the Melbourne Storm.

Dear family,

Australia doesn't celebrate Halloween but a few people who are really into paganism (witchcraft?) celebrate it and are really excited! Last night we were tracting in a very witchcraft town called Lowood and ran into a few people that are very interesting!

I know what Chan-man feels like. I have been sick for about a week and a half and its driving me nuts. Our new mission president's wife allows us to work when we're sick if we want to, so its been good/miserable. Its been a hard week all around! Nevertheless, as I look back on this week I have seen so many miracles. On Saturday night I prayed for 3 things and on Sunday all three of those were answered! It was amazing!

This week we taught the Galapon family again! It went fantastic. Some of them didn't read the Book of Mormon so we read 1 Nephi chapters 1 and 2 to get them started. We also gave the mother a Book of Mormon in Tagalog and she was so happy upon receiving it! We set their baptism date for November 14th!!! I am excited to see their progress in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for them.

We had Elder Vincent of the Seventy speak at our stake conference. An American from Toowoomba spoke as well. But Elder Vincent did fantastic. He was very interesting to listen to. He told us a story about how when he was receiving training from the First Presidency and the Twelve, that Elder Eyring walked into the room with a boot on his leg and when he sat down he leaned onto his walking stick. He asked someone else what happened and why he didn't put his leg up so blood wouldn't rush to it. That "someone else" told him that he had broken his ankle and also had heart surgery and was leaning on his cane and feet to release the pain and pressure on his chest. Elder Vincent said that he didn't mention his injury at all during his talk... but came and fulfilled his Priesthood duty without complaints or praises. I learned so much from him.

Well, I hope all is well at home. Love you all.
Love you mom and dad.
Elder Hales

Quote of the week: " Enjoy to the End"

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