Monday, October 11, 2010

Put up your dukes

"These flowers remind me of Mom."

("I make pansies look good!")

Dear Mom and Dad,

The weather has been so great here. It has rained so much in the last few days that our yard is flooded. Since LA is lucky to get 10 days of rainfall a year, this is exciting. I guess.

Well, this week has been so hectic I don't know where to start. I know I always say that but this week was very different. Today is transfers but I didn't have to go. Last Wednesday after Elder Walston and I had lunch we were about to go to 3 lessons we had planned when we got a phone call from the Assistants telling us that Elder Walston was being Emergency Transferred out. He packed his bags while I rescheduled the lessons. Elder Walston was very bummed and so was I. We really got along well. Things were really, really well in our Unity and companionship so we were both pretty cut. A companionship had gotten in a fight and nearly punched the lights out of each other so I'm with one of them now. :) We drove into the city of Ipswich where we met the Assistants and traded companions. My companion now is Elder Tito from Samoa. Hopefully I don't get my lights punched out but I can already tell I won't. I am getting along with him perfectly fine. I don't get why companions choose not to get along. Elder Tito has 6 weeks left before he goes home. His cousin, Elder Tito as well, is in this mission and got emergency transferred this transfer as well because he almost punched his companion. :/

I'll fly in on Jan. 5 but you will be getting my itinerary very soon. I have noticed I've been getting more mail the closer I get to my return. :)

This week has been so interesting. I have been tempted and humbled more than I think I have ever been before. It has been really tough but I can't help but love every minute...after it has passed! :) I have mentioned before that I am finally realizing how to be an effective missionary. Members tell me that I am very bold with love. Not overbearing or pushy.

We chopped all of our investigators! :) None were progressing . Many are called but few are chosen! haha So Elder Tito and I are in complete finding mode! Last night we had dinner with Bishop Rea and I told him that since our ward fast for missionary work we have chopped all our investigators! He laughed but I feel good about it. More room to find the elect.

Two years ago in General Conferences' Priesthood session the MTC Choir sang "Hark! All ye Nations" and every time I listen to it I cry. I was wondering when they would have the Missionary Choir sing it again. I didn't think it would be so soon but listen to that song if you can and know that I am singing that song in my heart at the top of my lungs. (*guess what song we'll sing in church that first Sunday when he comes home.?)

Love you mom and dad,

Elder Hales

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jksfam said...

Love the picture! I have a set of ornaments that you made that I got at the ornament exchange that one year! I love them! That's crazy about the comps that were almost fighting!!! I can't believe he's almost home!