Monday, October 4, 2010

Read the Book of Mormon!

Dear Mom and Dad:

Please don't tell me about BYU anymore... unless they win. I am letting it frustrate me. :)

Another week has blown by. Its going way too fast that I can't even believe it. I am loving every minute of it. Yesterday the ward had a fast for Missionary Work and now Elder Walston and I have prepared packets to help the Ward with Missionary Work and Family Mission Plans. We are going to start giving those to the members. I love this ward. We had a few people we are working with come to church! It was great!

Our Last training was "Teach People, Not Lessons" and there were four main parts:

1) Ask inspired questions for understanding


3) Discern Needs

4) Teach Doctrine

This has been awesome! When you really express love, you can be as bold as you want. I have applied this with very prideful people who don't want to change. When we understand where they are coming from, saying " I really do care about you and love you and that's why I'm here", then we can tell them what the doctrine is. It's a lot better then saying "your're wrong- this is the right." Elder Walston and I have been working with a less-active lady who knows the church is true, but she just doesn't change. We have applied this and yesterday we got her to church!!!! Just not IN church! :( She got to the parking lot and got cold feet and drove away. :) She is so close I know I'll get her soon! The spirit already told me.

I promise- missionary miracles are waiting to happen. . especially to those who are in leadership because they are the examples. As you pray, plan and prepare for them... they will come.

Recently when we commit someone to read one chapter from the Book of Mormon a day they complain. I then say "We want you to read 10 chapters a day" and they go into shock. I then testify that they can read a few stinkin' pages and it won't kill them. Honestly- it only takes 10 min. max! And they still don't do it!!!! Its like asking them to look at a stick with a snake on it but people won't do it!!! They just don't do it. When you look at the stem of the problem you find Satan lurking there doing his best so that people don't read it.

I know reading the Book of Mormon changes people and brings miracles into their lives. "The study of true doctrine changes behavior faster than the study of behavior changes behavior." It changes me pretty quick.

Love you mom and dad

-Elder Hales

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