Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sausages and Cyclones

Dear Mom and Dad:

I am so sick of Australian sausages that its ridiculous!!! I never want to see those again... :) Every ward party and every Aussie Barbie have those sausages. They put those onto a slice of bread (like a hot dog) and put BBQ sauce on it. It's not too bad but I've had it so much!

The weather has been pretty intense. The past week our front and backyard was flooded and our neighbors yard was a few feet under water. I'll send a picture.

This week has been fantastic! We had some excellent success. Actually some miraculous success! First off, since all of our investigators were not progressing we chopped all of them. It's surprising that many former investigators talk a lot about taking their life. It's all for attention. But this week we taught a FAMILY!! They are from the Philippines and a family of 6 all above baptism age. They accepted the commitments and we have a lesson planned this week with some excellent fellowship so pray for the Galapon family! That was one miracle.

This Sunday we had an inactive lady come to church. Her name is Pauline. We have been working with her since I've been in this area. She is in her 60's and was baptized about 5 years ago. She has an awesome testimony and every time we teach her the spirit is so strong. My first visit with her I was very very bold and since then she has been reading the Book of Mormon and is probably around chapter 12-15 in 1 Nephi!!!! She was one that would just make excuses for everything. She is feeling the spirit and progressing so well and all I had to do was teach true doctrine boldly. She enjoyed being back to church so much and Sunday night she called me and thanked me for being so persistant and bold. She said that she enjoyed coming back and that she is excited to do it again next week. She thanked me for getting all of it going. She feels like family.

Elder Tito does usually email his family but he didn't get an email this week so he is waiting for me. Nice guy. He is 26 years old and the most funny Samoan in the world!! He eats sooo much. Buying food is like a kid walking through a candy shop and he LOVES KFC. I'll have to send you some videos I have of him. He is so funny.

Well, I love you mom and Dad. Hope all is going well. Today we are going up to Toowoomba because of trade-offs tomorrow. It will be good to play some sports finally.
-Elder Hales

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